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Medialink ML7000 IPTV

Medialink ML 7000 IPTV BOX H 265 compatibility (HEVC)

Multimedia box + IPTV

Manufacturer: Medialink
Warranty (months): 24

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Medialink ML 7000 IPTV Receiver Stalker 4 portals  / Xtream Code 6 portals

Full HD HEVC Receiver IPTV + Multimedia
2x Remote Controll
1x IR Sensor External

IPTV + Multimedia APPs

Highest quality Video

High codec : 50% Internet bandwidth saving
All APPs managed by Medialink
Free IPTV and Mulimedia Apps

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Medi@link 7000

14.02.2020 00:08
I have one of these boxes and i mistakenly deleted the firmware i have searched a everywhere for recovery or a MEDI@LINK help but i cannot find any site nothing , No firmware

Product Parameters

Software: Android, Linux
Connectivity: Ethernet
HEVC (H.265): Ano
Resolution: FULL HD, HD
RAM: 512MB, 1GB
Flash Memory: 1-2GB, 3-4GB